Wantless is growing! Meet Sabre, our new Creative Content Director

Meet Sabre, the newest member of Wantless. Specializing in creative content direction and design, she is a 22 year-old, Southern California song bird, finding her voice through travel and music. Her addition to Wantless started with a transformation of her apartment. Back in December, we transformed her space using her dreams as a template for her new reality. After 10 hours, we removed 20 bags of clothes, flimsy furniture, and many other unwanted items. We showed her the basics of sustainable fabrics and conscious consumerism. A student of life, Sabre soaked up the Wantless mission right away. The transformed space gave her room to grow into her passion for music. While she finished up her degree this year at Loyola Marymount University, she continued developing her music while practicing the Wantless philosophy. Naturally, she joined the team. Recently, she took on her first Wantless client and had an overwhelmingly positive experience. Meanwhile, her room continues to transform, and she has been able to assess her space and appraise her belongings with more clarity and personal aesthetic. Her closet now functions as a private styling room for clients to shop her wardrobe and reconstructed designs. Her desk is clean, organized and transformed into the music recording space she dreamt of. And her bed is a sanctuary where she wakes up to greet the day! Without a doubt, Sabre is Wantless.

Photo by Angelica Migliazza

Photo by Angelica Migliazza

Accentuating Arianna

Ari is a music lover from San Diego, California. She dreams of making the move to Los Angeles to pursue her passions in the entertainment and fashion industries. After recently completing her college degree from CSU Fullerton, she felt a desire to purge her closet and cluttered-filled bookshelves. We helped Ari rediscover space in her room to keep dreaming. It was a special process because this is the first phase of her Wantless transformation. As the process tends to unfold in layers, she is excited to keep evolving her space. Ari is our first ever Wantless Intern and on her way to learning the systems for life. 

Amplifying Aaron

Aaron is a superfood shaman and electronic music producer. Having experienced some medical trauma and personal transitions, he decided it was time for him to go on a journey to gain new perspective. This meant packing up his gear, getting a storage unit, and going on a roadtrip across the country to pursue spiritual solace. We assisted by first condensing his two units into one by purging extraneous goods, organizing the belongings within the unit that would serve him once he returns to LA, and determining what goods would be most useful for the journey itself. We created an inventory document and labeled every box so finding anything is a cinch. Now Aaron has peace of mind that his items are secure and he can focus on recovery and personal procession.

Helping Hannah Renee

Hannah Renee is an incredible singer/songwriter, media/communications major and all around boss babe. Helping her was a special Wantless gig because we were able to bring transformation in only one day. The problems she had were simply a matter of dissonance, her belongings no longer represented her, she was ready for a change, a chrysalis. Sometimes, our function is to come in and expedite that change.  We went through every single item of clothing and collectively decided on its relevance in her new direction. She also needed a place to sit and create, but her desk had become a catch all for unopened mail and sentimental knick knacks. With some objective vision we were able to create a space that had more flow and better represented the aesthetic of a very talented and hard working artist.

Levitating Leviathan

Wantless hit the road to bring new vibes to Leviathan, a Chicago based conceptual design company. After a growth spurt and heavy construction, the studio was in search of new energy and fresh vision for their beautiful turn of the century warehouse space in Chicago's burgeoning West Loop. Leviathan is home to world class designers, engineers, and artists with discerning taste and high art aesthetic. It's hard to imagine a team like that would need help making their space beautiful, but they needed to focus their time and energy on creating new experiences for their clients. We were called in to clarify their space and enhance their everyday experience. 

Leviathan is very much a family, making their studio a home away from home. With this in mind, we were ready to transform the space. We began by re-arranging the desk layout, creating a more fluid space to collaborate in. We also created a space to relax when taking breaks by repurposing extra furniture from the reception lounge and placing it in an area near the kitchen that was previously unactivated. Perhaps the crew's favorite update was the kitchen overhaul. By re-imagining the placement of their large dining table we eliminated their previous lunch hour traffic jams. We also purged and re-organized every cabinet, making daily food prep as well as hosting parties effortless and enjoyable. 

In the end, we felt completely rewarded when co-founder Chad Hutson said "I'm actually excited about Mondays now!" Results like this remind us of the power of our work and we are so thankful to Leviathan for allowing us to share our vision with theirs.

Glorifying Gloria

Gloria is a yoga and meditation teacher who sought to find some clarity on the physical plane. After years of accumulating gifted clothing and metamorphosing through different styles, she was left with excess clothing that no longer served her. We helped her bring order to her belongings, keeping her daily and long-term intentions in mind. Together, we evaluated each item of clothing to assess its quality, style, and usefulness. Then, we redesgined her closet with her daily routines in mind. We also assisted with the rearrangemnt of some of the most sentimental items in her possession, creating an altar for her to honor these items. Now, her space feels lighter and more spacious, allowing her room to dream, grow, and explore her intentions.

Jumpstarting Julie

Julie is an LA native and a fine artist. Born and raised in Beverly Hills, she’s now a member of the Santa Fe Art Colony. After the passing of her boyfriend, she decided to channel her energy into the production of her art work. However, the loss of a loved one left her in need of recalibrating her relationship to her accumulation of belongings. She was ready to reduce the contents of her closet, bathroom, office, kitchen, and studio in order to channel her focus into her work. Essentially, everything she owned was assessed as she prepared to start a new chapter in her life. By focusing on her main desire, we were able to whittle down her wardrobe to pieces useful for painting and for attending events. We donated several boxes of art supplies not conduvice to her practice and re-imagined her office to better faciliate running the show. Now, she’s ready to move forward in a space that increases her comfort and production.