Our mission is to help you achieve self-actualization by decluttering and organizing your space to make it more efficient, sustainable and inspiring.

The Wantless Process

We work as a team and specialize in harmonizing the energy between your space, your belongings, and you. Our process unfolds in three phases:


First, we purify your spaces by category and discard all superfluous items. We consider each item for its usefulness, sentimentality and beauty. We guide you through this process by giving you informed and honest feedback about your items.


Once left with only the things you love and need, we harmonize your space with an approach that is both intuitive and pragmatic. We design systems with the free space we’ve created in order to honor your things and get the best use out of them. This is also where we get to fully see the missing pieces and replenish your belongings if need be.


In this phase, you begin to utilize the systems we’ve designed to support your desired routines. You'll use what you have more efficiently and the items that we collectively decide aren't conducive to your life are redistributed to those in need.